Nietschke Zwar 10 Year Old Tawny


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Julius Nietschke married Lydia Zwar in 1891 at Ebenezer and they established their mixed farm at Koonunga where the Nietschke family continue farming to this day.  After early morning starts milking cows by hand followed by cold and wet days working during Winter in the vineyard Great Grandmother Lydia would have enjoyed an evening tipple of Tawny beside the fireplace.  This classic fortified is intense amber in colour, rich and inviting on the palate and warming from the inside.

Growing Season
Nietschke Zwar Tawny encompasses over 10 vintages.  Each growing season is different and subsequently individual vintages produces a unique variant of the fortified style.  Once blended, this span and diversity of years provides consistency and precise level of maturity and complexity in the finished tawny

Nietschke Zwar is crafted with grapes from Australia‚Äôs most prestigious wine state, South Australia, including fruit from renowned Barossa Valley vineyards.  Plenty of sunshine and free-draining sandy-loam soils ensure grapes ripen to full maturity, perfect for quality fortified wine.  A selection of outstanding Grenache, Shiraz and other varieties are used to make a full-flavoured, rich and complex tawny.

Each vintage the grapes were harvested late in the season displaying intense ripe fruit flavours.  Grapes were crushed into fermenters where sweetness and flavours of the fermenting grapes were closely monitored.  When at desired levels, grape spirit was added, arresting the fermentation to retain some natural grape sweetness.  A combination of neutral, young and old brandy spirit was used to fortify the wines, ensuring added complexity.  Following fortification, the young wines were filled to old seasoned oak of differing sizes including barriques, hogsheads and large format vats.  Each vintage was matured for a span of 5 years to 16 years.  A careful selection of wines from across vintages and maturation times was blended to make this tawny.

Tasting Notes

Nietschke Zwar 10 Year Old Tawny is intense amber in colour with a lustrous gold rim.

The aromatics are immediately inviting and engaging.  There is a fragrance of alluring toffee with dried fruits including raisins and figs along with a hint of chocolate and roasted nuts.

The palate is rich, full-bodied and opulent.  There is fruitcake, coffee, chocolate, honey and candied orange.  It is seamless throughout, perfectly balanced residual sweetness and smart harmonious brandy spirit providing a polished warmth.  The finish is persistent, completing this classy and grand tawny.


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